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Welcome to Mr. Vladimir Valerievich Shumovsky official website!

Mr V.Shumovsky is the author  of Planetary importance project


All projects are protected by patents and confirmed by actual development, technical calculations and economic justification.

The website resourses will allow you to implement your own personal well-being world and prosperity  in the everyday life realities;  to develop and earn money, to solve the housing, economic,energy, social and many other purposes such as energy self-sufficient eco-building, agronomic or intellectual Aqua terminal.

You will be able to realize the vitally important questions and priorities and outplay own dreams on virtual platforms, based on " Professional conceptology" fundamentals, the latest technology with reference to the estimates and time frames.

The most important aspect is the portal allows you to visualize, materialize and realize your dreams, objects; to produce the necessary actions in the everyday life realities, using the virtual scenes and experience, relying on the newfound respect and support.

Virtual Interactive Portal Unity is one of the starting projects, that allows to form own virtual reality of personal well-being  at the  initial stage and save you from any mistakes and time loss, uncertainty and unnecessary expenses.


MONOSOTA companies are the unique environmental projects based on the innovative technologies. 



The investment on the favorable terms from the high profit, reliability and stability guarantee. 




Investment programs


Develop your potential, your own strength, health and intellect; try to keep fit and help your relatives and friends to achieve it all.

You can change this world for the better!  Participate in MONOSOTA projects.